Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making Shortbread And 9-Patches

Oh yeah..I can bake! I made my first ever batch of shortbread cookies today courtesy of a recipe I found on another quilter's site called Esther's Blog. Her recipe seemed simple enough that I figured I couldn't possibly screw it up.

I came out with far less than it looked like on her pictures though. When I did the oven conversion it came close to 350 and went with that. It took a lot longer to bake so I know I screwed up something. I probably made them too thick. My family inhaled them regardless and they had the texture/taste of shortbread and that's all that counts.

She has some fabulous quilts that I've drooled over as well.

I have done 12o 9-patches now! 1320 left to do! I'm wondering if I should add green fabric with the purple fabric. It would also help use up my stash. I worry about being sick of purple in a few more weeks.

It also hit me that my dad turned 60 today. I can't believe my dad is old. I know 60 isn't old, old, but still. I love him so much.


Esther said...

Hi Bethany,

Shortbread is the kind of biscuit that improve each time you make it, so don't worry! As for thickness, you develop your own preference. I personally like them thicker, my DD's ignore my want and make then thin and crisp - still delicious...and you can eat more as each has fewer calories! (well I like to think so)...

Love Esther

60 is NOT old!