Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two Couch Potatoes

Meet Trouble, DH's Christmas Easter rabbit. Too bad she doesn't lay Cadbury Eggs. I can't call her Stew since she's not an outside rabbit and DH hasn't given her a name yet. If she tries to eat my sewing machine cords, she'll be a fried rabbit. I'll need to rabbit proof the cords ASAP so that doesn't happen. Need to rabbit proof the house as well.

So far she's been pretty good but that could easily change. She hasn't peed on anyone. She hasn't figured out that the TV stand is hollow underneath nor has she disovered that her back legs are really powerful for kicking people in the stomach. She hasn't jumped off DH's lap in terror taking off into unknown hiding spots that I didn't know existed.

She's pretty laid back for being here for part of the afternoon. She's been watching TV with DH while checking out the toys in his lap. She loves her cage and has made herself at home in it. Hopefully we can get her litterbox trained making it easy to give her some more room around the house.

Now I have TWO couch potatoes and one very, very excited DH.

Any ideas for a name for Trouble?


SewCalGal said...

Cute post. I recommend a very serious talk with Trouble. I thought all rabbits laid Cadbury Easter Eggs? Trouble isn't holding up, so I hereby authorize you to go buy some and place them sporadically around your home. After all, we don't want anyone to know that Trouble is a slacker!


anna said...

Cute! why am I thinking "tribbles"!