Sunday, December 13, 2009

Outrageous Christmas Presents

I had a wonderful talk with my brother-in-law yesterday on Facebook. Sometimes I think that's the only way some of us are able to communicate with our busy lives. We got talking about Christmas presents and what we wanted. He brought up something I hadn't thought of. Usually we are so busy thinking of everyone else we forget about ourselves and what we want. So, we started talking about what we price limits. Soon we were laughing about our outrageous wants and I felt SO much better about Christmas.

He wanted a giant TV with all the trimmings and a video game console with all the games. A fence for their horse of a German Shepherd. Furniture. Stuff for my sister. Apparently, guys don't need much.

My list was longer and far more elaborate. It's a girl thing, you know.

*A longarm machine with the room to put it in.

*New furniture that DH and I picked out. Mine is from in-laws and is at least 15 years old.

*New carpet. With 3 young kids it's a mess.

*A Mini..British Racing Green imported from UK. Okay..US one will work. Yeah, it's Semi-Truck bait, but DH's mom used to rally race them and I've always wanted one.

*Money for one of those super retreats for quilting with the professionals.

*A St. Bernard. I had one as a kid and he was so sweet.

*My thousand dollar laptop with Blu-ray player.

*A cutting table that is adjustable for my height.

*One of those KitchenAid mixers. I do cook/bake occasionally.

*A pet rabbit for DH. He LOVES rabbits. There is a wild one that lives under our deck that he's claimed. I feel kind of bad for Stew as he's running out of rose leaves to eat. Can you feed rabbit food to wild rabbits when it snows and food is harder to find? Once the snow melts, he should be okay for food.

*Boots. I LOVE boots but they are so expensive. A brown leather pair would do nicely.

*Horse riding lessons. I've been on a horse once. I was 10 and it was a Clydesdale.

*Going to England for Christmas to visit DH's uncle. That would be the best Christmas present ever. Forget about the above things if this could be possible. Or have him come here. (Just make sure to have him bring the Mini or I come back with one.)

*A year's supply of English candy shipped from England. If it's already in the US it's stale. I should email DH's uncle and ask for a small package.

Once I get the kids taken care of on Wednesday, I'll see what's leftover for DH and I. My BIL is right, it's okay to think of ourselves too.


Min DePandi said...

Oh my, what a long list!

Rhonda said...

What a is okay to think of what you personally want....and sometimes we get our fingers are crossed. Take care.