Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nine-Patches And Skateboards

I finally laid out some of my 9-patches on my white fabric to see what it looked like:

From Quilted with Love

Keep in mind these are 2 inch 9-patch squares as it's hard to tell from the picture. They will be 1.5 inch finished ones. The pattern has them set on point like the picture. They chose a different print for the center, but I haven't found one yet. I thought about embroidering a small motif to make a pattern and quilt the center cream blocks once I got the top done.

I'm at 150 blocks right now and slowly working up there.

DH also said he'd get me the fabric roll on the "Dear Santa" post. I really wanted fat quarters of them, but apparently they only come that way even from the company. It doesn't list the individual fabric colors or if it's a special fabric line either to make up a yardage package for DH to order.

I have all my kids taken care of for Christmas. My son has his skateboard now. He and the shop custom built one yesterday. He doesn't get it until Christmas and can't show his friends like he thought he was going too. Sorry, it's a Christmas present. I just needed him to pick it out. This is his first "real" board.

I probably drove the kid nuts asking all kinds of questions. As a quilter, I understand quality and needing the right equipment to do something. I just wanted to make sure my son was getting something he wanted and would work for his needs and not just because it looked cool. They kid was really great and explained everything. He's worked with parents before..LOL.

It helped to see shoes/clothes and accessories in person and not online. They do have a purpose and not always just to look cool.

I couldn't resist. I tried it out after the kids were gone last night. I played with it in the hallway since I know my balance is really bad. I tried a few tricks and realized that it was a really nice board. He will love it.


Jennifer said...

The blocks look really nice! You are persistent to make so many of them so small! I love that you were testing out the skateboard.. wish you'd post pictures of that!!!

taylorsoutback said...

I noticed your tiny 9 patches right away while scrolling through the Quilter Blogs tonight. I can offer lots of encouragement if needed:o)My own quilt was completed earlier this year & I used all reproduction/conversational prints. My photo is archived back in April if you are interested. Are you going for the full 68 X 68 size? Keep at it - the first 500 are the slowest!!

Bethany said...

Taylor, your quilt is stunning and just gave me a huge burst of energy. It's nice to know someone else has made this quilt. I'd like to to make it the full size but I'll see how it goes.

Thank you so much for your post!

Rhonda said...

Your layout looks great! The quilt seems like it's going to be a good size. Take care.