Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's Snowing!!!

I used my desperation for wanting to go into debt for Disney Steelbooks yesterday to make these:

From Quilted with Love
Not all of them were done yesterday. The top 6 were done last week. But I got 40 done. Okay 30 need to be trimmed, but they are sewn up.

I cut out more strips to be sewn today since I won't be going anywhere anytime soon:

From Quilted with Love

From Quilted with Love

DH is NOT going to work tonight as blizzard conditions are supposed to set in with high winds and there is talk of the highways closing down.

If you are having nasty weather or going to get this storm, PLEASE be safe. Just stay home and use this as an excuse to quilt away. Stock up on supplies (not quilt ones) so you won't be stuck either.