Sunday, December 06, 2009

Getting Through The Christmas Phases

During church today I realized another reason why I hate this time of the year. All the demands of cookie and gift exchanges, white elephant parties and places I don't want to go or be at. Once I get over the "envies" then I hit the "Say No" phase of Christmas.

It hit me after church that my family's income has decreased by 80 dollars every month now thanks to that water bill hike. I can't do all of these things. A 5.00 gift exchange is equal to almost 2 gallons of milk. 5.00 is gas to make it to work. Showing up to church or other activities is extra gas I don't have. And to be at these activities is just a reminder that I can't meet those demands right now.

I think once I get over the "Say No" phase, I'll start enjoying Christmas more. My son really wants a skateboard for Christmas. I'm hoping with the next paycheck we can do this. If we can't, it just means saving up with another paycheck and he'll get it after Christmas.

We are doing good. It just means things are that much tighter and it takes more planning. I probably shouldn't have bought garland and bows for the front porch but everything was 50% off and when I did the numbers, it would work. That's as fancy as our decorations will go this year.

I started thinking about getting a seasonal part-time job today. I've done retail before. It's not hard. Just demanding. The only problem is that most places want the evening shifts which means you don't get out until late and DH needs the car to go to work. If the store closes at 9 pm, it's after 11 before you get out. Maybe later. My kids would kill each other all by themselves as well. I'll keep thinking about it.

I feel better venting. I do enjoy Christmas. This year is just going to be rough.


Gina said...

I'll be thinking of you. My Christmas isn't goingto be too jolly either. Mal is away working all over Christmas. His last shift is Christmas Night. He's then day's all over the New Year holiday. This is part of his shift pattern unfortunately so there's nothing extra in it for him. We'll be celebrating CHristmas on the 27th

Love and hugs Gina xxx