Saturday, December 05, 2009

Decorating For Christmas..In Farm Town

It's nearly 2am and I should be in bed. Except I can't sleep. What have I been doing? Sigh. If I can't have a fancy Christmas in real life, might as well do it in Farm Town. I've been at this for hours and not even close to being finished. I had to take out my formal English garden one piece/flower at a time to redo my entire farm. Stupid addicting game. Unlike quilting, I have no decoration sense and I find it intensely frustrating.

Some good news is that DH found out the State of Nebraska is not laying off in the corrections dept. Since they aren't hiring either, he's thinking they really won't want to fire people because of some crazy mandatory rules. I won't even go there.

I put up our small fiber optic Christmas tree and put garland around the front porch with bows on the ends. My MIL made an advent calendar for DH when he was little and 35 years later it's still being used. It's a little worn out, but it only gets used one month a year and then carefully wrapped up again.
The only thing I hate about Christmas is that I have to get over the "envies". It takes a few days to a week and then generally I do good. The "envies" is seeing everyone with beautiful trees in their picture windows glowing merrily along and wishing I could strangle ours with the fiber optic strands. Or seeing the fancy decorations in the stores and wishing my house was even remotely big enough to have them and that I could afford what I liked. My house IS really small.

This year I've wanted a real Christmas tree and have had to fight back the "envies" especially hard. DH can't stand the smell of pine candles so I can't even get a "high" off of that.

I'll be okay in a few days to the end of the week. And it's not the bitter/angry kind of envy, just frustrating kind.

This was my purchase today:

From Quilted with Love


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