Thursday, December 31, 2009


*Slamming the door* Good riddance 2009.

DH swears I'm psychic since I just "know" things before they happen. I usually know it first and then when I tell him, he'll sense it too. This time both of our sensors went off at the same time. They've been buzzing for about 2 mos now non-stop about him not having a job for much longer and now the sensor says the job is ending SOON.

DH did have an interview last Tuesday. I went with him and read my book in the lobby. While I was reading, I kept thinking, "The job isn't here. If he has it, it's not here. But this is where their office is so that doesn't make sense." Confused, I kept reading until he was done. I kept feeling like he had the job, but it wasn't here.

He started talking about the interview on the way to the car and talked about the job location. I blurted out that it wasn't here. His jaw dropped and he said, "How did you know that?"

I just said it was my "psychic powers" and laughed.

He then said the job was located somewhere else and we kept talking about the interview.

The scary part is we both "feel" it's right, but have no proof. If he gets it, the training part starts on Feb 15. That's SOON. They said they'd call within a week or so.

Just keep us in your prayers. If it's not this job, that's okay. I just know SOON is coming very soon.

At the same time it's given us a great sense of peace knowing that he won't be working at the prison and this unknown job will work out for our family. That part I do know.


Laura said...

You are never wrong to listen to your internal sensor, in my opinion and I also believe that everything happens for a reason. My DH lost his job a year ago and is still unemployed, but 2009 was one of our best years ever because of the extra time we got to spend together. I will be thinking good thoughts for your DH's job prospects.