Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stash Busting

I decided to speed up the 9-patch process now that I have things figured out. I also needed to move faster since I counted out 47 patches and I need about 1440. At the rate I'm going, it will be an A.D. (After Death) project.

I cut out 1 inch strips out of the rest of my 1 yard fabric and cut enough strips out of several purple fabrics to keep my going. If I did the same fabric until I ran out of it, I'd die of boredom. It's just helped to do a little of each color at a time. I'll also pick up different purples as I go along. Right now I'm using my stash.

From Quilted with Love
I think I've killed my 60 mm rotary blade and put a small nick in it just from all the cutting. There is NOTHING worse than a nick in a rotary blade. Especially as the stupid things cost a fortune. I'll make it work since I can't drive up to Lincoln or Omaha to get one. And ordering them isn't worth the shipping.

Oh well, I'll get one on the next paycheck. I have a son that needs shoes and some clothes. He wants a skateboard for Christmas and my daughter has a birthday this weekend. There are more important needs right now with this paycheck.

With the utility company doubling their bill a couple of months ago, it's really hurt us financially. That's why I ran out of money before I could get my meds. The 8-9 bucks for a rotary blade would almost pay the 10 bucks for the lamictal. I bought a 45 mm today and will use that until it dies.

It just sucks that one bill can drag down your finances. It's not like it's a credit card bill that you were stupid enough to do to yourself. What happens when these utility companies charge so high, that no one can pay their bills and they get everything turned off? Run crying to the government for a bailout and still charge a fortune to us?

I'm ranting..sorry. Just frustrated after paying bills.

Maybe if I do some more "stripping", DH will get me a blade. He's never going to live that one down. LOL. He still turns red when I tease him.