Monday, December 21, 2009

Dovo Scissors

Ohh...Kelly Jackson over at I Have A Notion has Dovo scissors for sale. *Wipes the homerdrool off the computer *

I lost my pair several years ago and have mourned them since then. I just haven't been able to convince myself to pay so much for a pair of scissors. Mostly because I'm terrified of losing them like I did the last pair. I also don't remember what size I had or what they looked like as I've seen several kinds. Mine had a satin finish. That's all I remember and I can't look at a pair in person. Ordering them online scares me. The pair she has now look absolutely beautiful and I'm so tempted but if I lose them I'll throw up for days.

I only have a zillion pairs of scissors. Mostly the crappy Ginghers that should be melted down for scrap metal because they dull so fast and have no durability. I love my KAI scissors but I have never gotten over the loss of my Dovo pair.

Santa...maybe I do want a pair..or two of Dovo scissors. Gulp...but that's SO much money. But Santa was willing to spend 50 for that light. Maybe he's willing to do a bit more for the scissors.

Why is it I can easily spoil DH by taking him to get a rabbit yet can't justify spending money on a pair of scissors for myself? Speaking of rabbits, "Trouble" seems to be settling in well except for the nipping. She's not really biting, but will nibble on your arm just enough for you to go "ouch!" She's not terrified of the kids and is happy to do some simple exploring. She loves boxes and sticking her head in and out of them. She hasn't peed on anything yet either.

Still no name for "Trouble" though. Nothing seems right.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm laughing because I guard my Dovo's when I go to any stitching event. I have a scissor fob on the end of every pair I own (just three).

If you ever decide you want a pair and don't recall which ones you want....Google Dovo Scissors and the company comes up. Look through their catalog and let me know which one's you think they might be. Customer Satisfaction is my Number One priority here at IHAN. You don't like them....just send them back. No worries :)