Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Is BACK!

Well, I think celebrating Festivus helped. I feel MUCH better.

Thanks to a blizzard I've had DH home since Wednesday. Normally he'd be working Christmas Eve and today. It's been really nice having an unexepected break. The roads were closed today due to high winds and blowing snow from yesterday and today. There are 3-4 feet drifts all around my house. I had to dig myself out of a 4 foot drift to get to the garbage cans.

I helped DH dig out the driveway to go to a friend's house for an unexpected Christmas dinner. We had a wonderful time talking, a food fight, and watching "District 9".

The kids loved their presents and thought having a small Christmas with a few gifts was the best way to celebrate. My son has been down in the basement with his skateboard attempting tricks and my daughters have loved their new "hoodies".

I got an unexpected gift from DH's aunt and uncle as well. A beautiful applique kit from Nancy Chong!

I have never done one of her patterns but have always wanted too. Even the border is appliqued. You don't cut out the pieces either. You cut-away as you go. I have her DVD on hand applique and it's worth every penny. I can't wait to get started. The question now becomes to hand applique or not to hand applique?

And as a silly gift, DH got me a Webkinz Llama. Her name is Dolly. Go ahead and snicker. My daughter has her uploaded onto her account and will enjoy playing online.

Move over Festivus Pole. Christmas is back.