Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Done It? A Rotary Blade Mystery

I discovered that my 45mm blade was extremely dull while trying to cut strips yesterday. Now I KNOW I didn't do this. I'm rough on blades, but it didn't go from fairly sharp to not cutting fabric at all in one day. Someone has been using it and there will be a swift and unjust punishment coming to that person.

DH usually is the culprit. He loves my rotary cutter for cutting down inserts for DVDs or music CDs. He knows where it is but he's been sleeping. That leaves one of 3 kids. The thought of my kids using a rotary cutter unsupervised makes me sick. These things are not for kids. One slip and your fingers are gone.

Well, no one has come to me with blood gushing out and there isn't any on the table so I can't check hands for evidence. That resorts to lining them all up for interrogation until someone confesses.

Surprisingly, no interrogation needed. My son immediately claims that he did it. He has these little finger skateboards called Tech Decks and he'd used my cutter to put better griptape on them. Griptape is like thick sandpaper with sticky backing that is on the front of your skateboard. He'd cut the tape up to fit it to the boards. That would dull the blade in no time.

I'm just grateful he didn't slice his hands open. He now owes me a blade and he spent the afternoon cleaning.

Please keep your cutters out of reach of kids. My son is 13 going on "I know it all" which makes it even harder for him to realize that it's not safe without me being there. Yeah, I panic, but I've seen what these cutters can do. I don't even like DH using them and he's 41.


Jen said...

Bethany, totally unrelated but did you know that the larger pill prescription bottles from Walgreens hold a 45mm rotary blade? I've been putting my dulls in those.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I actually sliced the tip of my finger off with my rotary cutter! I was using one of those 1 1/2" rulers and apparently wasn't paying close enough attention. I know what you mean about the kids too - I keep mine up high out of reach but I still check every now and then to make sure it's where it's supposed to be and out of the hands of children! :)