Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bandit And Relaxing

From Quilted with Love

"Don't worry Mom. I'm just bird watching".

This is Bandit. He's our new addition. My friend found him outside her house a couple of weeks ago when the temperatures were frigid and brought him inside. She's already got several cats and doesn't need another so he's at my house.

He and Lacey have met. He was more terrified of her. She was quite happy to be friends. I let them get aquainted while she was in her cage and then carefully introduced them. Bandit wasn't so sure about this rabbit idea and kept his distance. That friendship will be carefully monitored.

I think our house is officially a zoo.

I have gotten further along with my scarf:

From Quilted with Love
For some reason I can't post it the way it should be, so it's this way.

I'm slowly learning to relax. I can't do this hunched over holding onto the needles with a death grip. I've had to tell myself that "I'm not diffusing a bomb", put my shoulders back in place and loosen my grip and keep going. The bomb thing has really helped. LOL. *Great. Someone has probably put on a watch list for that now*


Rhonda said...

LOL Bethany.....about the diffusing a bomb....I use that mantra when hunched over my sewing machine in the middle of the night. It does help and I've probably been on that watch list for years......hehehhehehehe
take care!