Saturday, January 23, 2010

Training For The WWE

I haven't had much of a chance to do any quilting. I had company both yesterday and today which has been really nice.

Bandit is settling in. He's found a couple of favorite spots to sleep; on top of the printer, behind my computer and on top of my fabric pile. The hardest part about Bandit is that he's black and blends into everything. The first day I "lost" him several times because of it. I had no idea he was on the printer because it sits back under a shelf. He'd been sitting there for several hours while I went crazy looking for him. The same with him being behind my Imac. He can just slip behind it without you noticing.

I spent some time cleaning out Lacey's cage AGAIN. For some reason she's decided not use her litterbox the past week and it reeks. I've tried different things and finally figured out she likes paper towels. Sigh. I need to find a decent cleaner as well.

Hey Mom! I'm ready for WWE! Just call me " The Hare Raiser"
From Quilted with Love

But Mom..HE said I could have them for WWE training. Honest.

From Quilted with Love

Still working on knitting that scarf. It's never going to get done at my pace.


Michele said...

Heh. We have the same issue with our black cat, Cookie. Our couches are black, and we've sat on him more than once.