Sunday, January 17, 2010

Butterfinger Knitting?

I've almost got the "Rambling Rose" top done. I spent most of yesterday putting it together.

Putting together the last two rosebud blocks was a giant pain. I had cut out and labeled the pieces but couldn't find them. I had to redo several over and then couldn't find one long background piece. If you do a background with a directional print, MAKE sure you have enough of it. I have one background that doesn't fit because of it. Maybe no one will notice.

I still have one more white strip that fits on the rosebud blocks. I haven't cut them out because the directions have them cut out as part of the lace border fabric. I'm still not sure if I want to piece it all and haven't figured out a way around it. I hate to run out of fabric if I mess up.

From Quilted with Love

Knitting. I have never found a skill so frustrating and me using so many swear words! I've taken this scarf apart 6 times because I can't do it right. Screw knitting. My hands ache. I've nearly poked my eyes out 20 times and the stupid needles slide out backwards into my lap leaving me trying to put the damn needles through the loops again. Or they fall out onto the ground.

I gave it one more try and got this far. I was so I excited I took a picture to show you all and after I started up again, the damn needles fell out of my hands, the yarn got caught up and it undid several rows. It took me most of the afternoon to get this far and I'm in tears.

From Quilted with Love
The stubborn part of me says to get this scarf done if it kills me. After all I figured out how to YO (yarn over) and to K2tog (knit two stitches together) with this pattern thanks to YouTube. I can do it. It's the needles.

DH and I have to take our car to the dealer tomorrow. Before I completely give up, there is a yarn store in Lincoln that gives lessons. Since I may be there all day waiting for car, I'm going to see if the owner will help. I did pay for lessons last year and maybe she will have time to give me one. Or set me up with a better set of needles like the bamboo ones.

Anyone else have a better idea for butterfinger hands with knitting? It's the seizure meds and that the needles are slippery metal. I do have double sided tape but I don't think that's the answer.


lw said...

You could try using gloves like the Machinger quilting gloves, but cut the tips of the fingers out of the gloves so you can maneuver the yarn, and the rubber grippy thingies can hang onto the knitting needles for you.

The more you knit, the easier it'll get. Your brain just needs to get the pattern repetition figured out. I can't wait to see the finished scarf.

Jay in Nebraska said...

I have MS, and my hands have no feeling and they shake. Part of the problem I had was I switched to circular bamboo needles. Another idea is to knit with one needle tucked under the left arm. It has helped me greatly. Give the circular needles a try, if you drop them, you have all your stitches and you won't loose the stitches as easily.

Michele said...

Switch to crochet instead? Honestly, I find knitting really really hard, and if you think it's just going to frustrate you forever because of physical issues you can't actually control, I think that the knitting gods will forgive you if you don't stick with it.

Jen said...

Your rosebud quilt top is gorgeous!

JenniferB said...

The rosebud quilt top is truly gorgeous. I can't knit at all -- I crotchet but would love to knit too if it weren't for the scary needles. I'm impressed you want to do it!

Lynn said...

Your quilt is really pretty - can't wait to see it finished. I am a very novice quilter - can knit squares and rectangles and found the long needles really slippery and always knocking the sides of my recliner with them. Someone suggested circular needles. I thought you had to be knitting something round to use circular needles but that is not so. They work great for my simple knitting too.