Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Books, Fabric And An Owie

Gotta love civilization. If you don't live near a big city, you go stir crazy and I've been that way for several weeks. Finally a paycheck in which most of it didn't have to go to someone else. It's been months since that has happened. Other than some other basic shopping, these things needed to be done.

First order of business:

Purple fabric for my 9-patch quilt:

From Quilted with Love
There aren't a lot of quilting stores in Lincoln and I usually just hit up JoAnn Fabrics. The JoAnn Fabric store near me doesn't carry fat quarters. She said something about the company not having them as true fat quarters and people coming in complaining. It's not a big deal, you just get more of a variety with fat quarters. She said they would get some in, but not for awhile.

I also seem to recall JoAnn having lots of knitting books but couldn't find their stash. The quilt books were still there but nothing else. Has JoAnn stopped carrying them?

I ended up going to Barnes & Noble to get the book I wanted called "Stitch 'N Bitch":

From Quilted with Love
I picked up the other book as it looked interesting and I liked the sock patterns. I'm glad Barnes and Noble had it, otherwise I was stuck ordering it online.

I really liked the book and well worth the purchase. I'll be honest, the patterns are not anything close to what I'd want to make, but the stitch directions are easy to figure out and even I got most of the idea. That's all I care about, making the stupid stitches.

Second order of business:

Bunny supplies.

Mom and Dad messed that up big time. Right now I'm sulking in my cage because of it. I refuse to come out and play. Mom bought these awful looking cutter things and tried to do something to my feet. I kicked out really hard and now I have an owie now cause I got scared. I know she didn't mean to make me bleed, but it really hurt.

The Dad got this idea of putting these "things" on top of my box so I couldn't dump over the water and food dishes. I spent a few minutes trying to pull them off but it's not working. Dad wasn't thinking that they might be too hard for me to use because of how they are designed. I might get my bowls back.

I haven't gotten off my box all evening.
Mom said she tried finding a pen that would make it easier for me to play but couldn't find anything at the pet store. It was all for dogs and way too big for putting up in the living room.

They didn't have decent size cages either cause this one is small. She said she was working on getting a bigger house for me and to be patient. She said something about condos and that they were really expensive.

She did get me some toys. I'm not sure what to do with them. I've checked them out and chewed on them some, but that's about it.

Mom, it's been a hard day for both of us. Maybe tomorrow will be better. And if you attempt to trim my nails again, I will bite you.


Dianne said...

No there aren't lots of quilting stores in Lincoln but I recently lived there for 2 years & loved Cosmic Cow. With a store like that you don't need more than one.
Check it out!

Laura said...

Love the purple fabrics, but then purple is my favorite color so what's not to love LOL.

Poor bunny...I nipped the quick once while trimming the dogs nails and you would have thought I was killing him. It will all get worked out. It's a transition for everyone when a new animal comes into the house.

Theresa said...

I trim my dogs nails with a coarse sandpaper wheel and a Dremel tool. The nail is sanded off slowly enough so that when the heat from the friction can be felt by the nerve in his nail, he pulls it away. No cuts, no owies. Just make sure to sit upwind of the operation and do it outside.

shannon said...

(i live in a metro 'area' i love the country...but i'd miss my LQSes)

i visited my local Joann's and noticed the MIA fatquarters, so i asked....they are going to carry another 'group' (read better quality) of fats soon...

another thing i noticed is the selection of more 'current' style fabrics...*happy dance* more modern 'youthful' more three yr old lines


Anonymous said...

There are four quilt shops in Lincoln...that's a lot for a town that size!