Monday, January 11, 2010

Rambling Rose Layout Mess

I got sick of nine-patches today and cleaned up that mess only to make an even bigger mess:

From Quilted with Love
I started this quilt last year, got extremely frustrated with the directions for the center, tossed it in a bag and stuffed it away for another time. Another time was today.

This has been a PITA quilt. Usually Pam's quilts are fairly simple even though very complex looking, but this is a monster. The seams don't want to lay right with all the bulk. None of the blocks are square because of all the bulk and this quilt will never lie flat without extensive quilting and fudging. Someone with better piecing skills could get this to work better I'm sure.

I spent about 2 hours going through all the pieces and strips figuring out where I left off and making sure everything was labeled right. I'm SO glad I made a card with pieces of labeled fabric or I'd never remember which fabric went where.

Then I read through the wonky directions and through the pictures. I had to make an educated guess on what she meant and went with my gut instinct. It finally worked!!

Here's the finished center:

From Quilted with Love

There are times when it really helps to take a several month break from a frustrating quilt. The next frustrating part will be the "lace". I may say forget it and do something else since these blocks aren't coming out square.


JenniferB said...

This is really gorgeous, Bethany! I love it!

Jen said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love it.