Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Dreaded "F" Word

I had a 2010 lightbulb moment today.

I watched "Julie and Julia" a few weeks ago and while looking through a book wondered if I could make ALL the quilt projects in it during the year. There isn't anything fancy or terribly complicated about them. They are just sweet and simple quilts.

Like I need more projects to start and never finish. However; I wouldn't have to FINISH them.

GASP! *choke* *cough* NOT FINISH a quilt??

Without any pressure to finish them, I would enjoy doing them more. I do give myself the option to finish them IF I'm up to it. The "F" word just isn't in my vocabulary this year. I DO NOT need to finish up any project.

There are 12 quilts in the book. Some are wall quilts and others are larger. It's a chance to use up scraps and not worry about giant bed size quilts as I have enough of those stashed in my UFO closet.

So...the title of the book?

"Garden Party" by Cynthia Tomaszewski

If you haven't had a chance to see the book, check it out. The quilts are very sweet and beautiful. I've had the book for several years and have planned on doing the quilts, but have never gotten around to it. This year I plan on doing all of them.

Now I really want those Dovo scissors for applique work. LOL.

Woo Hoo! Now I have a purpose in life. At least for this year.


Jen said...

That sounds like fun Bethany. You can do it!!!

Rhonda said...

I'm with you.....not being under pressure to liberating!!!!!!
Take care.