Thursday, January 28, 2010

DH And Quilt Books Part II

From Quilted with Love
*Caution: This post is slightly irreverent*

My DH is NEVER allowed in the book/magazine section of a quilting store. Remember the "stripping" episode in JoAnn Fabric? It gets worse.

I was looking in some quilting magazines for a specific pattern but couldn't remember the magazine it was from when from out of nowhere DH exclaims, "Hey sweetheart, there's a book called "The Big Book of Crotch". I swear you women are hiding something in these stores cause all these books are named wrong. You have "Stitch 'N Bitch", books on stripping, and now something about crotches".

Grateful no one is nearby to hear this conversation I look over and he's pulled out the book.

"Oh, it's the "Big Book of Crochet", he says. "You women still have something going on in these stores. That's why you never leave them".

While I'm looking at fat quarters he wanders over to the Bernina section of store. I'm praying that he doesn't ask the owner some silly question about the machines. Thankfully, she's helping a customer. He wanders back over and exclaims, "That Bernina back there is still 12,000 dollars! That's a brand new car! What woman pays that much for one?" We've had this conversation before so I don't answer.

I pay for my fat quarters and my Mary Ellen's Best Press bottle and head out the door. Do you take your DH's with you or lock them in the car with the AC or windows rolled down?


Cathy said...

I avoid taking him with me. At best, he will find some outrageous print that I MUST make in to a pair of lounge pants or something. At worst, he asks "What's that for?" Like I have an answer for why I want more fabric!

Jackie said...

Definitely locked in the car with the windows cracked! Too funny!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

No, no he doesn't go with me. I don't want to spend HOURS in Home Depot anymore then he wants to spend time in my LQS :-) So we are even!

Diane said...

Oh my! You have one like mine! I try to leave him in the car, but sometimes he manages to get out and come in the store. It is always an experience!