Monday, January 11, 2010

Silly Human. Bribery Doesn't Work.

Do not be fooled by her innocent looking pose. She's peed twice today in that very room nearly missing DH's blu-rays, hence the box behind DS. Then she peed in front of the TV a few minutes after this picture. She's sorta litterbox trained. NOT.

But Mom, I figured out a neat trick that should make up for my boo-boos. I can jump up onto the the recliner now. Only cause I want to figure out how to get around all the boxes you've put up to fence me in. All I want is to get under the recliner to booby-trap it by eating the wood. Then when someone sits on it, it will fall apart.

I'm also REALLY smart. Mom thought she could trick me into coming out of my cage by bribing me with food. She showed me the food canister that got my attention, grabbed a handful of pellets and fed me one. I stuck my head out a couple of times to get food but figured it was much easier to shove my food dish up to the opening and demand a bigger portion. Silly human. Just fill up the bowl. Bribery gets you nowhere.

I do need to find a better way to give her a play area. Boxes and laundry baskets aren't exactly the easiest to work with. I've looked around via the internet for something that would work and nothing seems right. Now that she's figured out to climb onto the recliner, she'll need something with higher sides so she can't jump it. I need the tubing for cords as well.

She needs some decent toys as well. Wednesday DH and I head to Lincoln to do some shopping and I'll check out a Petco and the Walmart. I did find a really nice online store just for rabbits and may order after I get back if I can't find what I want.

It's the confinement that really needs some help. She's not trained enough to give free reign of the house and anything baby gate or pet fence related I've seen isn't what would work.

I'm really amazed at how well she's doing here. The kids adore her. She loves people despite her being pretty skittish.


Linda said...

What about a playpen--if you extend the height?
Lurking Linda

Laura said...

I love the bunny stories! I've only owned dogs and cats, so it's interesting to here about the different challenges you face with a rabbit. I'm sure you'll figure out everything in time.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

We found the product "urine Kleen" and it has been great. I clean the spot then I put that stuff on the spot then I clean again they never go back there.

My husband used it lightly all over a rug that they kept peeing on and they don't anymore.

Yeah! and good luck. She looks adorable.