Monday, January 25, 2010

Help With A Sports Bag For My Daughter

I'm at a loss.

My daughter wants me to make her a bag for her basketball clothes/shoes. She's been using a plastic grocery bag. I thought she was just putting them in her backpack. I never did sports and boys just shove everything in their backpacks and let it reek all season long.

I've spent the morning looking at free patterns and nothing seems right. I can't buy a pattern since there isn't a store nearby that has a pattern.

I thought of a drawstring bag but figured she needed something she could just throw over her shoulder and go. My mom suggested a drawstring backback that goes over the shoulder. Everything looked complicated. I've made something where you take fat quarters and straps and make a backpack of sorts but it was several years ago and might be too kiddy.

All the tote bag patterns I found were made for adults and over sized.

I have the fabric she picked out. I just need a pattern. So..what are 13 year old girls using for sports?


Crafty Maine Mom said...

ReannaLily did a great tutorial from a fat quarter.

It's on her blog in October of 2009

SandyQuilts said...

Just a tote will do. Here's just one that's free

WalMart and the like sell small sport type bags in the luggage section. They're rubberized which is great for 'wet' items (or sweaty ones).