Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Old Math

There is nothing like trying to teach your son math. Thank goodness for finding an online fraction calculator since I don't remember my fractions having numbers like 5 17/30 as the answer when I was in school.

Speaking of math I learned something new with the LeMoyne Star block. Another quilter was having problems with a pattern she found in a magazine. Intrigued I went over to EQ6 and tried to draw the block. Totally stumped. It's not a hard block and EQ6 had the specific block in the library, it was adding the background design that wasn't working right.

I got out my trusty and favorite EQ6 "Pieced Drawing" by Patti R. Anderson and looked it up. There has to be a specific drawing board setup for this block so I can add in the background. Well, there is and isn't.

I had no idea that the LeMoyne Star is based on a circle NOT a square making exact numbers nearly impossible. Gotta love the number 1.414. No wonder the stupid graph and points aren't working. To set up the drawing board in EQ6 the drawing set up is 7-10-7 which equals a 24 inch block. Then you would change the size when doing your quilt.

EQ6 does have a pieced PatchDraw section just this part which helps but you have to connect the "patches" which gets tricky. I did figure out the background part by doing the patches but not sure how accurate it is.

Then while my son was whining about how math was useless, I handed him my book and explained the LeMoyne Star. His eyes glazed over immediately but he couldn't argue that you never use it.