Saturday, January 02, 2010

Scissors? I'm Buying One Of These

After getting today's mail, I'm buying one of those babies. Yep. Can you see it standing like a giant eye sore in my backyard for hundreds of miles? I live rurally and I don't think the city has any ordinances (yet) on me putting that in. Heck, that thing might even power my entire town.

There's a meeting on Monday that I can go and gripe to them about raising the electricity rates by 25%. Think I should say that the State of NE considers it child abuse if you have no heat in your house during the winter? If none of us can afford heat and our kids get taken away, your company can stand in front of a judge and explain it.

Off to check out wind turbine prices. There's gotta be a government grant out there somewhere or something from an engery place to pay for it.

At some point these utility companies are going to price themselves right out of business and have riots on their property.

Hmm. Checked out some residential ones. Not all of them are eye sores. Of course they don't put prices online.


lw said...

Please research the wind turbines before putting one anywhere near your house-- there are health issues associated with the low frequency hum these things put out.

Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Most utility companies are owned by foreign investors. They could care less about our children being cold. They only care about the dollars we put into their pockets.

I researched wind and solar energy several years ago. Found not one electric company willing to install for me.... at any price. Couldn't do it myself so I gave up.

In most places you need a combination of both because when the sun is shining the wind is still. When the skys are dark or cloudy the wind is blowing.