Monday, January 25, 2010

Steal This Bag And I'll Hunt You Down

There is a reason I don't do bags. They take hours. Even the simple sew two sides and make some kind of casing thingy for the cord kind.

Oh I got it done. Between making it I helped write a paper on some guy named Antonio Vivaldi, learned ratio graphs on fruit prices and something else of which I don't remember but will never use in real life.

I found a pattern from Reanna Lily Designs and attempted it. I have done something like it in the past so I wasn't too lost. Or so I thought. The only thing I changed was that I used half a yard instead of a fat quarter. It's got to fit shoes in there.

I forgot to go up the sides. Don't know why. I think listening to"Four Seasons" messed me up. I also started making the cord. She used one inch ribbon and I did a fabric thingy. Sort of like bias tape but sewed up the sides and turned it right side out. That took some time since I needed tons of it. I pressed it to the seam so it lay flat.

I started the casing and did it on both ends. THEN I realized I didn't know how to put those together. I was lost on the directions as it wasn't clear on how she did that part. Since I didn't sew up the side seams I had to rip up part of the casing seam and do a 1/4 seam down the sides. No biggie. It still looks like a bag, just with open casings at the seams.
Maybe it's supposed to look like that?
Now somehow it's supposed to look like a backpack. I take a safety pin and stuff the fabric thingy through the casing on both sides. How do I make it a backpack? I'd have to re-open the bottom side seams or sew them on the back. Or just leave them as they are and let her have some funky handles with one side not finished. It's nearly 1 am and I don't care now. I've been doing this since 7pm.

I had to finally dump Bandit into the bedroom so he'd stay out of stuff. He's finally come out of his shell some and is into everything. Last thing I need is to press his tail flat since he matches the purple fabric.

Here's the "finished" bag:

From Quilted with Love
It doesn't look bad. It looks pretty good. My daughter hasn't seen it yet and I still need to figure out the straps. Backpack style or purse like? I'll let her decide in the morning. When she gets home tomorrow I'll see about embroidering something on cream fabric, use fusible webbing and stick it on.

I'll probably embroider "Property of DD. Steal it and I'll hunt you down. Give me 15 bucks and I'll make you one".


Crafty Maine Mom said...

When I make these I throw a loop of ribbin in the seam at the bottom corners. I double stitch it so it is really strong.

I hope that helps.