Friday, January 15, 2010

Scissors Woes And A New Home For Lacey

A few weeks ago I emailed Brint over at Farmore Cutlery about my scissors woes as I've killed another pair of scissors. Kelly over at I Have A Notion met him last year and he was very knowledgeable about scissors so I figured I'd ask him about my troubles.

I actually got a phone call this morning! I explained the problem and how I manage to knick, bang and dull my scissors and I don't even do anything wrong with them. I don't go over pins. I'm not cutting up things with them. My kids aren't using them. I just can't figure it out.

He asked if I'd ever had mine sharpened. I said no because when I've taken mine up to Lincoln they have to keep them over for a few days or more and I can't just go back up and get them. They are always backlogged at most stores. I can't just come and go up to Lincoln or Omaha when I want because I don't drive, we only have one car and I'm dependent on DH's schedule. I also figured once you have a knick, there's not much you can do for them.

He asked about the tips of the scissors. I said they are fine. It's the middle sections I tend to kill. Then he asked the magic question. Do you drop your scissors? Well, yes. A lot.

Seizure meds are notorious for lack of hand control. I drop/fumble everything. He said that dropping them (even if they aren't landing on the tips or are open) cause vibrations that over time can cause problems to your scissors. Dropping them can also cause knicks and dings to the edges even if they haven't fallen that far to the ground.

He said he could sharpen mine..dings dents and all. All I needed to do was ship them out. I only have about 12 pair..LOL. I don't throw them out. I just shove them in a drawer. I can't ship them out right now, but probably will next paycheck.

It's nice to know I'm not crazy and they aren't magically denting themselves. I could probably make something that could wrap around my wrist to keep my scissors from falling when I drop them. I'm just not sure I'd like that tethered feeling. Or if it would get all tangled up when trying to cut. Something around my neck would drive me nuts.

Anyone else have this problem?

Bunny Update:

Mom said I needed a new home. Dad is really upset that I keep peeing in his "man space" and that his space is covered in boxes and toys that he has to trip over so I don't eat his Blu-rays or go where I'm not supposed too. He and I just aren't getting along very well. So...

Mom moved me to DS's room. He feeds me in the morning before school without even being asked and Mom is really proud of him. Since DS's room has been clean since Dad arrested DD at school, it's safe for me too. I also discovered that digging into a comforter is great fun. If the bed wasn't so high up, I'd be up there shredding it.

After Mom and DS better bunny proofed it, I can go in and out as I please when someone is in there, race around the room at high speed, do flips in the air, try to get up onto the bed and attempt to rip up the cheap carpet. Life is good except Mom still says I need my nails clipped.


Theresa said...

The tethers aren't that bothersome, you get used to them. I work in Aerospace (and quilt at home) and we tether all of the tools that we use on the spacecraft hardware (beats dropping them and risking damage to the flight hardware or the guys working below you.) You just get used to it. I highly recommend tethering the scissors to a lanyard around your neck that you could tug out for use and then have retract when you're done.