Monday, January 18, 2010

Does Your Car Need Firmware Updates?

I bet you didn't know your car needed firmware updates.

DH and I took our Santa Fe in today because last Saturday all the lights started flashing and he lost power to the accelerator foot. The ESC light and the check engine light stayed on. Nothing like coasting at 20 mph on a major highway right? We turned off the car at the side of the road, read the manual which said to turn off the car and then turn it back on. The accelerator foot worked again and we drove home.

Turns out we needed a firmware update and a throttle sensor. The throttle sensor will be in tomorrow. The one thing I adore about Hyundai is that everything is under warranty and in the extremely, extremely rare cases I've had a problem, it's been easily fixed.

On to the fun part.

DH drove me to The Yarn Shop up in Lincoln and Sally fit me in the group class for a lesson. She's a great teacher and despite the large class was able to work with us. After people left for lunch she spent more time showing me how to purl. Getting my index finger to coordinate with my brain was a never ending fight. However; I did get this far:
Yep. A whole inch and a half..maybeish?

Having a class helped so much to understand this stitch. It's actually pretty easy once my finger and brain found a way to make it work toward the end.

I also figured out two things with knitting:

1. The quality of the needles makes a huge difference.

The ones above are addi Natura circular needles. After yesterday's post I found my other set of circular needles by Clover and found the yarn catching at the bottom where the bamboo and the cord meet. I was still struggling with sliding up but it was working much better than the straight needles.

The addi Natura are divine. I bought another set.

2. The quality of the yarn.

I don't know what kind of yarn I'm using cotton, wool, blend. I know it's not acrylic, but it's beautiful to work with. I bought some other yarns to try out and started that same scarf I tried yesterday. The difference is amazing.

Here's what I bought:

From Quilted with Love
The pink is Alpaca, Merino wool and silk. The white is Merino wool, Microfibre and Cashmere. They feel amazing. I'm doing that same scarf in the white. I've only done 2 rows but will post a pic soon. The first 2 rows have been a breeze. My hands don't hurt and I'm not jabbing myself with the needles.

I may actually like this knitting thing. Ask me tomorrow though. I may have a different opinion.


Anonymous said...

The yarn looks beautiful, can't wait to see what you've done. You have inspired me to try knitting again.